Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

Political Post: "Palin, Gothard, and dog-whistles to dominionists"

dark_christian's dogemperor has done an enormous amount of research into the neo-pentocostal movement in the US and its roots in dominionist theology. dogemperor's experience with pentocostal churches is from the inside: having once been a believer and now a walkaway.

dogemperor's latest article, posted in various venues, makes clearer the links between some fairly innocuous-sounding programs, "Joel's Army"-style recruitment of "God Warriors," and some of the local propositions pushed by Sarah Palin while mayor of Wasilla. There are many links; I recommend following them, because they make clear the doublespeak that allows extreme beliefs to pass for "plain folk wisdom" and a certain appealling type of "populism" that, once researched, turns out to be for specific populations only.

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