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you know one of the most inconvenient things about being human is the need to urinate every other hour or so or more often when imbibing certain things. and one of the most inconvenient things about being transsexual is worrying about where you are going to urinate.

i mean this is a basic animal function and measures should be taken so that all animals can urinate in peace but if you are a human animal and don't line up neatly on the male/female scale it becomes this big to-do finding a place with congenial restrooms and tolerant clientele.

my restroom nightmares (and u says i am the only other person she knows who has them but i'm just sure that everyone does) often consist of stalls for three that invariably have at least one fully equipped male occupant from whom i have to shield my genitalia while pulling down my pants, sitting, standing back up, and pulling my pants back on again. this has never happened in waking life but i have had to deal with stalls without doors wherein i choose the most remote stall and then do this little sleight of hand movement intended to throw off any prying eyes.

anyway the castro is wall to wall people but there are plenty of porta potties. my day-long anxiety over where i would pee was for naught.

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