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of course it happened on my block

this is breaking news that hasn't even made it to the internet yet:

someone just drove through a store front about three-quarters of the way down the block south of my house. people milling around are saying "old lady" "u-turn" "accelerator instead of brake" but unless they actually saw, it's still speculation because the car is all the way inside the store--the back of the car is about ten feet in from the sidewalk it hit so hard--and they haven't gotten the driver out of the car yet.

I heard a loud crash and couldn't quite make up my mind what it was but when I heard the sirens all stopping outside I figured I'd go look and that's what I saw: a storefront window shattered and a car all the way inside the store. I didn't stick around to see how anyone was. there was nothing I could do and I'm not interested particularly in oogling injured people. I hope the person in the car survived. it went in frontwards, not backwards as so often seems to happen in these "wrong pedal" accidents.

they need to put the brake on the steering wheel or something. I mean this doesn't happen all that often but it happens, well, often enough, doesn't it?

anyway for details keep googling "san francisco news mission" until something comes up. the store front is at 21st street.

it's a good thing I stay inside here where it's safe. I mean, besides earthquakes and fires and whatever else could befall us back here. at least we're off the street.


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Sep. 22nd, 2008 09:31 pm (UTC)
Wow, I will have to check this out online and no doubt I may walk by today since I go to deposit a check at the bank. There does seem to be a lot of horrible stuff happening in our neighborhood, and closer to you, but not too far from me. One stabbing did happen on San Carlos here and 19th, where I walk Ziggy all the time. There have been six murders in the past three weeks or so in the Mission area near where we live. All gang related, but pretty horrible. I hear the crime rate in the city is high now. I can believe that as I have seen the cops out on the street here in front of my house nearby, arresting people. And, see them driving by regularly with their sirens on. A cop on a bicycle was chasing a person the other night late. So, things are not great right now.

Glad you are safe. It would be horrible to be in that store when something like that happened and you know it could happen to anyone.
Sep. 22nd, 2008 09:52 pm (UTC)
That's happened a lot around here in the last few years. Someone driving into a restaurant or a store. Usually it is someone really old who shouldn't be driving. An old man drove right through the side wall of the Kwik print store a couple weeks ago. Smashed the cinder blocks in and nearly caved the front of the building.
Sep. 23rd, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
ah. good nobody was seriously injured. and good luck, too--the sidewalk is crowded with people at midday.
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