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well I never napped and the blue angels only made a couple of passes. is the big show tomorrow? I wonder. I think so.

I'm still tired but no longer hungry but I should go get food before the stores close--I have three hours but I have no idea when I might decide to go back to sleep. now I'm starting to worry: I have a headache but my coffee drinking was not on schedule today and I often get headaches but it's another symptom of lyme's disease. "malaise" and aching joints and sore throat? well no sore throat at all. aching joints? always. but no new ones. my neck is stiff but it often is stiff and the vertebrae in there go crunch crunch and this also often occurs with a headache.

ok. plan:
take ibuprofen.
take bupe.
take shot.
go get groceries.

if still feeling icky on tuesday evening go to clinic. I need to go anyway because I still need the paperwork for my back x-ray. interestingly, backpacking didn't seem to make it any worse and a heavy pack doesn't hurt any more than a grocery-weighted pack does. I still had pain and it still comes and goes as the bupe wears off, but it was not any more uncomfortable than usual. I may or may not tell my doc I was backpacking. I will tell her I was camping if I'm still worried about lyme's by tuesday.

maybe my body is telling me it needs ibuprofen. I've been taking it regularly under doctor's orders but hadn't taken any yet today. just took some. does one get rebound headaches from lack of ibuprofen? I know. I have the internet at my disposal. humor me. keep in mind that if it is vaguely in the realm of possibility to get a headache from something, I will get a headache and it will be moderate to severe.

I suppose I should look up giardia too.

well that takes a couple of weeks. so, counting tuesday as the first day I drank water that was supposed to be purified according to the ranger the day before, or thursday as the first day I drank water that was supposed to be purified according to the ranger three days before, I've got a bit of a wait for that.

what else can I make myself sick reading about?

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