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monday, night.

I'm about to go back to bed for a couple more hours of rest before going to see Patti Smith at the Warfield tonight--that's the one venue in SF where if you act quickly you can actually get good, reserved seats in the balcony and so be able to set your ancient ass down while the band plays. I'm excited. not only because it's Patti Smith--which is enough--but because I've switched to nocturnal hours over the weekend so I'll be seeing her at the beginning of my day instead of the end. doesn't that sound pleasant? I wonder if the Warfield serves coffee..

I just thought I should pipe up and say that I'm ok. slowly feeling better after last weekend's freakout but I'm still too cautious to say all is well. things are better. I think I might actually get some paying work done tonight after the show.

I had to get out of bed long enough to get groceries. now I'm headed back. nighty night.

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