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street preacher with p.a.

phew. for a minute there I thought the guys preaching over the loudspeaker were staying in one spot on the sidewalk but apparently they are just passing through. why do people think it is ok to make so much noise in the city? I caved and bought some earplugs in order that I be able to live with our neighbors without throwing rocks through their windows. I also emailed the landlord but I haven't heard back. last night the downstairs neighbors had one in their ongoing series of parties but oddly everyone cleared out by 1am. what kind of party ends at 1am? decent parties go all night.

yes I will find something to rag on no matter what. party ends early? you guys obviously suck. party ends at dawn? you guys have no right to take over the courtyard for the entire night.

it's just that our quiet little courtyard had its peace shattered by the end of the summer, when the downstairs neighbors moved in and started their late-night furniture moving or truck throwing or whatever it is they do down there; the neighbors across the courtyard where the band practices now have been throwing late night parties for a few months as well: they invite a million people to their house, open the windows and the back door and Talk Really Loudly until all hours. this when they are not practicing. sometimes they entertain their guests with live music which is doubly annoying.

ship these kids out to some warehouse and let them keep each other awake, I say.

so far today it is quiet, but generally nobody gets up much before noon.

myself I slept about 18 of the last 24 hours and am considering going back to bed for as long as I can keep myself asleep. I slept from 3:30 yesterday afternoon until 3:30 this morning, and then got up and tried to read but I kept falling back asleep. finally at 9 this morning I got myself roused enough to get dressed to go have breakfast with b, but now I feel like I could fall back asleep fairly easily. I did not want to sleep from 3:30pm till 9am and I really don't like being awake during the day so if I could just sleep most of the day and replenish my energy stores to stay up all night tonight that would suit me fine. I'll put the earplugs in and see what happens.

but so anyway I had breakfast with b who seems to be doing well. we walked up to aquarius records after eating and I saw a bunch of stuff to try to find and download. I don't really have the money to be spending on lots of music right now. if I find anything I like, I'll send the artists some bucks should I find myself flush in the next few months. but it was good to hang out for a little while with an actual person. yesterday I met amy with young miles and ended up at a playground surrounded by lesbian mothers and their babies. the babies were all just under or right around 1 year old and oddly they were kind of cute. I mean some of them were really cute and some of them were just sort of there being small but it was interesting to be around them and see how very remarkable their personalities are already at such a young age. one thing I didn't get to experience, not having kids, was becoming intimate with someone else's development from infancy to adulthood at a point in my own life where I could actually see theirs in context and understand better how it is that babies get from being little wordless blobs to actual speaking people. it's interesting, I think. made me think about whether or not I popped out of the womb already as weird as I was going to get. I suspect yes, or mostly.

it is sunny and warm in my neighborhood but I think it is supposed to cool off gradually over the next few days. I hope so. I hate summertime. everyone says it is warmer than ever this year but they say that every year and I can't really remember it being any cooler than this in october since I've been here. that's twelve octobers. well, this one is the thirteenth. I think we've only had a couple of over-100F heatwaves since last spring which strikes me as making it a cooler year rather than a warmer one. and we didn't get many heatwaves this summer at all. I think people don't realize that "global warming" doesn't mean everywhere will be warmer than it was but rather that weather patterns will shift. I do think that simply knowing of global warming is having an unconscious effect on how people perceive the heat when it does get hot. it is dry this year, but I dont think it is warm. it's just.. not cold. cold would be nice.

the thirteenth october. I wonder what sort of omen that is. my thirteenth year in san francisco. well, I'm not going to speculate because I've learned since moving here that it is a really bad idea to do so, or rather a bad idea to get attached to any particular speculative result.

I actually am sleepy. I guess I'll try the sleeping thing and see how much daylight and heat I can speed through. it will get warmer for the next five hours and then cool off; we have about seven hours of light left today. if I could sleep until after 6 I'd be really happy. or that is I'd be not quite as unhappy as I could be if I was unable to sleep at all today.

so. dreamward.


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Oct. 25th, 2008 09:52 pm (UTC)
how do you know he has a prince albert?
Oct. 26th, 2008 12:19 am (UTC)
huh? what? who? where?

::examines post for secret messages::
Oct. 26th, 2008 12:20 am (UTC)

haha. public address system, silly. :P
Oct. 26th, 2008 12:41 am (UTC)
Earplugs and no response from the landlord. Im not sayn it ;) But, I will give you an e-punch in the arm and tell you to bring up your local councils website and search for noise levels and times - do it for me :) Like Angelina says ... Know Your Rights (at least)
Oct. 26th, 2008 02:51 am (UTC)
the earplugs are for short-term noise management. if I don't hear from the landlord by rent time I will query them directly when I take the money in. they let the new tenants into the place; it's their job to harass them into behaving like adults. I have enough annoying things to do.
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