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i don't want to study today.

every time i study i get a little confused and have to think my way out of my confusion in order to reassure myself that i can figure this all out on the spot and it is tiring and stressful to do this day after day after day.

c pointed out that there is a limit to how much i can cram in these last few days so a day off probably wouldn't make that much difference but it seems like i am always taking days off and the inner puritan work ethicist is telling me that i don't deserve to pass my exams because i take too much time off.

on the other hand not stressing myself out unduly might be a good way to approach The Day.

but i'm worried that someone will ask me about something i haven't read. i guess in that case i just say 'i didn't get to that' and that would be fine since no one finishes their reading but my fear is that by chance they will only ask me about the things i didn't read and it will look like i didn't read anything.

i imagine though that they will ask a few questions about my writtens and since i only wrote about what i felt i knew well i won't come off looking like a total slacker.

and yes i realize my thinking and worrying is somewhat distorted but i'm a grad student and we all have grave doubts about our academic self-worth.

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