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day two

I may have stepped in it with this one, but I put up a new post at blog@eriktrips. since my audience is so small I probably don't have much to worry about.


I have more writing to do tonight of course. I'm finding this one passage particularly difficult to fix. I may end up throwing out the original completely and starting from scratch. just this one passage. not the whole book. it's really bugging me and I am beginning to worry that the amount of effort I'm having to put into this will never be repaid. still, if the book ever gets anywhere, it will have my name on it in one capacity or another.

I keep thinking I must be neglecting something with this staying up all night working at my computer gesture. I might have to make a to-do list just to see what is missing.

that is about all I have to say for now. stay tuned.


Nov. 3rd, 2008 06:51 pm (UTC)
oh man. you must be really worried about ted. a draft would be awful. I bet that it would wake a bunch of people up, too. 60s redux? I always wanted to go to a real protest--not these preaching-to-the-choir affairs that go on every day in this city.

I'm hoping for the best and bracing for the worst. I've even decided that in case of widespread protesting sandy and I will have to rotate shifts so that the cats are safe. I should probably let her know about this plan before tomorrow night.

yeah. I may go through the rest of the month's klonopin in the next 48 hours.

the back? if I can still make the journey, I plan to go tomorrow after I vote first thing. of course, our ballot has 23 city propositions on it so it could take awhile. I plan to study for the exam tonight.

don't worry about my back unless you really need things to worry about. whatever it is I'm sure is due to the scoliosis, whether there are arthritic changes or just muscle spasms. whatever it is, I'll deal with it as directed. I see many and varied stretches in my future.


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