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sleep. because it's my favorite topic.

I seem to have settled into a fairly regular nocturnal pattern over the last few days, although I'd like to be going to bed a little earlier and getting up a little earlier, but my body's natural rhythms seem to prefer a 25-hour day, like they say most human bodies do. but I've been consciously keeping that in check to a great enough degree that I'm now sleeping from around noon to around 8pm.

and sleeping soundly, although the earplugs might be helping with that. the music rehearsals have dwindled away lately but with the restaurant downstairs from where the music was and just the normal sirens and insane people shouting at no one out on the street will wake me up periodically if I try to sleep during the day without them. for some reason I feel a little less paranoid about not being able to hear when I'm asleep during the day--as though there are enough people awake around me to respond to emergencies.

it also helps that Santiago pretty much stays up in bed with me the whole time I'm sleeping--or at least he is always there when I do wake up. with him I'm afraid that he's going to try some stunt that he can't actually pull off and go flying out a window or something and I won't hear him. yes I nailed the screens into the window sashes three years ago but I don't trust him not to find some way to overcome that obstacle. that and I should go around and check to make sure that they are all still secure. since they are permanent fixtures they are exposed to rain and sun and any other elements that make wood decay and metal rust. it might be time to replace some of them soon. I should check them before winter gets going good.

but so my body seems to like this pattern and it suits me temperamentally. when I go out in the mornings to do whatever dealings with the world that I need to do, I am a little overwhelmed by the noise and the light. maybe it is not such a great thing to cultivate my sensitivity to these things, but by indulging it in staying up all night to work when all is quiet and dark I am getting much more done and feeling less of that hours-eating day-guilt that dogs me from noon until 6pm when I'm awake at that time. we'll see if I can evade that with this sleeping pattern or if my superego will figure out that I could still berate myself for having done nothing by, say, midnight.

I will try to do a little writing tonight. after that I must study for the vote; the propositions in San Francisco alone number 21 or 23 or something like that. almost every letter in the alphabet is taken. in the morning I will probably wander over to the polling place around 6am or so to see if a line is forming. if so, I'll join it. if not, I'll come back and check a little closer to 7. I swear to all that is unholy that I am going to get my back x-rayed after I vote, so I want to be close to first in line so that I can get out of there reasonably quickly. I could have voted early but there is but one place to do that in the entire city and the lines, I heard, were getting very long.

I'm not going to prognosticate on election returns. I may not sleep very well tomorrow and I may not get much work done tomorrow night. if McCain steals the election rioting may well begin in the middle of the night here. we're dedicated. :)
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