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the best christmas ever?

I don't know if it's just me and my reverse narcissism in thinking that the universe is for the most part lined up contrariwise to everything I need and wish for--or maybe it's not exactly narcissism if you were taught that everyone who wasn't saved was at odds with the universe and part of you still believes that and that it is your own fault for having left the fold if nothing goes your way anymore--but I've never felt this relieved about a Presidential election in my life. I'm not going to explain in depth here since I already explained it to some degree in my blog but I'll just say that this election played into the hands of my personal demons all too well and, I still think, brought the country dangerously close to being led by a Dominionist Christian with a mostly hidden agenda. last night the election returns came in so quickly I almost couldn't believe what I was reading. I got my news second-hand, through friends plurking the various networks' projections, but so still by 9pm the whole thing was wrapped up and handed to Obama before I even had much time to get nervous about the numbers. I swear it was less than an hour between reading "McCain took Kentucky" to "McCain is about to concede," but my plurk timeline shows that it was four hours so I guess that either I am getting old or I just was having a hard time keeping up with only four hours of sleep earlier in the day. at 9 o'clock the city pretty much took off for a big, roaming street party. I put on a couple of thermal shirts to wear under my Obama tshirt so that I could go out without a jacket--I still got sweaty, but apparently that is just a given for me outside of arctic conditions--and got my first random hug from the woman next door who looked at my shirt, screamed and just about knocked me over. her partner was like, "um," but I thought it was sweet. I walked down to 16th, up to the castro, over to 18th where castro street itself was blocked off and a crowd was gathering in front of a truck with a loud PA playing loud dance music and a huge screen showing TV talking heads moving their mouths but not saying anything. I don't think they even had the thing on for the actual returns, but I could be wrong. in any case, it got a little dull standing there watching people drink and bounce up and down, so I headed back towards my house, back down 16th, shaking hands and bumping fists and flashing peace/victory signs at people I did not know, all simply because I was wearing the shirt. it was quite fun despite the stranger factor, probably because I didn't have to actually talk to any of them. :) I was home by 11 and determined to stay up late but at 1am I fell into deep sleep that last till 5:30. I am still very tired and will probably go to bed early today--like, before noon. in fact, my eyelids are very heavy now--I may be asleep by the time anyone else reads this. that's fine. I'm a little behind on sleep and my body is telling me all about it. this is still all a bit unreal to me. even most of the propositions turned out the way I voted for them--except 8, which is still being counted. it is currently ahead by about 400,000 votes, with 95% of the precincts reporting, and which is the wrong way for it to go. I am disappointed, but not surprised. I'd be interested to know how much of san francisco remains to be counted. it could make a rather large difference. well, if it does pass, that just means we have repeal it. the simple majority needed to win constitutional amendments can swing both ways, after all. ** I think I have to go to bed now. I just passed out for about half an hour, which tends to mean go to bed. well, really the urge that tells me to go to bed is the closing of the eyes for "just a few minutes," but by then it is too late. nighty night then.

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