Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

PSA: Proposition 8 protest in Sacramento on Sunday

I will be on a train headed to San Diego to meet up with lisagail who will be vacationing there, but people in CA--or elsewhere--might be interested in the following action, which information I got from the no_on_prop_8 community.

From the original announcement (I don't know who "me" is in this call to action):

We may have lost one battle yesterday, but this fight is NOT over. Join me this Sunday (we are checking to see if any other groups are organizing... let me know) in Sacramento (at the Capitol). This will be just one of the many protests we will have to organize. We will not be able to win this in one day, or even a year. We cannot give up! African Americans, Women, Latinos, and every other group that has been marginalized/oppressed didn't just have their rights given to them, they took them. Our time is now, we must organize... WE HAVE TO UNITE!

My coworker, Gina, is going to create fliers, blogs, and contact the local news stations with a press release.

I need you all to help me out with this.

This is a sad day... but we cannot take this quietly. I will be able to give specifics soon. We will carpool, but maybe have enough people to rent a bus (which would be amazing).

What can you do?
*Call/text every person in your phone book and get them to join
*Forward this on to every contact you have, post it on your facebook, myspace, blogs... get the word out!
*SHOW UP! How many thousands of people go to pride? If you can go to pride you can come to this!

Please email us at to pledge your solidarity and let us know that you can join (this will be helpful in the event that we rent buses). Please pass along this email address to those who are serious about getting involved!

The loss on this measure is but a battle. The campaign will continue.
Tags: activism, california, politics, queer, queer rights

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