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ten more minutes

my exams won't be monday. we are not sure when they will be. could be tuesday but i won't know until monday. might be later but they can't be any later than the 15th as i have requested a day to do laundry before i leave town on the 17th.

can i just say this is a little annoying. that we couldn't officially schedule my orals till after we knew i'd passed my writtens i understand but what i don't understand is why we didn't "schedule" a day and time when we knew everyone would be available and then simply say "go" or "no go" once the results of the writtens were in.

instead we are trying to track everyone down to find out at this very late date if they are available monday or tuesday. or whenever.

on the upside i swallowed two and a half poets today. i don't know quite what i will say about them but at least i can say that i've seen them.

one night when i was young i went to see a band. i drove twenty miles after calling the club and being told there were still tickets available only to find out once i was there that they were wrong and the show was sold out but if we wanted to wait around we would be admitted one by one as other patrons left. i waited. and waited and waited and waited.

by midnight i had given up on the idea of getting in and decided that i no longer gave a shit about the show but out of inertia i kept waiting. there were about five people left outside when finally i was at the head of the very small line and someone exited and i was allowed in.

i was tired but on some sort of clubgoing autopilot i edged my way up to the stage and waited wearily and without anticipation for the headlining act. i mean who cared at this point.

well it turned out to be one of the best shows i've ever been to. within moments of the first chord i was surging forward with everyone else to touch none other than Richard Butler himself.

that was the start of a long romance.

but what i am trying to say is that i'm really sick of waiting and if they keep this up i just won't give a damn but maybe that will be for the best.

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