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when will I run out of words

it's interesting writing these short poems every night; I can't say it gets easier as time passes. the hard part is stopping but the harder part is keeping going. I never know I've reached the end until I've already written it then it will be like oh. this must be the end. but I'm not done. but will I ever be.

I did a little work tonight and then I did the blog post and now I can read other people's poetry until I fall asleep.

lately I've been sleeping more than necessary or I should say my days are shrinking to 18 hours or so as though I'm resetting a timer or something. it's like my shot went into my body and completely vanished this week. I can't stay awake for more than ten hours at a stretch.

well maybe tonight will be different. coffee helps for a little while until it stops helping. you know.

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