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any good tips?

I put a paypal tip jar on my blog finally. not that you all have to run and give me money; the trick is to increase traffic at the same time. I am trying to find blog directories that actually get used and other sorts of language manglers' alliances to join to see if I can't attract some sort of attention for myself. I'm sick of scrounging around for money. I can write--why shouldn't it pay??

next I'm looking for an agent. I've been making my way through Poems for the Millennium: The University of California Book of Modern and Postmodern Poetry, Vol. 2: From Postwar to Millennium and not only is it fucking amazing, but it is inspiring and helps me really to want to stop diddling around with computer gophering and get my shit out there. it's a big catch-22 of course: you have to eat, you have to find paying work, in the meantime your writing languishes except when you can spare time from making money to eat; otherwise, you can ignore money and do your real work but then when it comes time to pay rent--well, let's just say I don't have any rich benefactors to look after me the way I sometimes think I should. where are they anyway?

so yeah. I read John Cage and made a tip jar. I guess there's some sort of forward motion in that. although the idea of selling poetry in order to write it is a ridiculous but possibly necessary evil. I suppose if we didn't have the internet I'd be xeroxing off those things they called chapbooks once upon a time. I wonder if it might still be worth the effort, since I seem too reticent to read out all that often. I kind of miss the old cut-and-paste although of course I'd use the computer for that now too.

I wonder if I have enough fragments and short pieces to make a "chapbook." hm. I guess that is one reason I downloaded all my lj entries for seven years. and then there's this folder of one-off's on my hard drive..


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