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I'm thinking of going poetry busking. like, reading my stuff at a BART station or something. I wonder if anyone would flip me change rather than flipping me off.

am still in negotiations with my authors and waiting for a couple of possible jobs to come through with some sort of yes or no. I need to pester at least one of them. politely, of course.

but in the meantime I need something in the bank to guard against overdraft fees and also to, you know, buy food with--although there are places in the city to get free food. I just doubt they would give me cream top yogurt, kefir, and cereal that is not mainly sugar..

so I was thinking what I had to offer the general public in terms of artistic products and I thought either I could print out a bunch of copies of my computer graphic work or I could take an amp down into a BART station very early in the morning and read. considering I compiled over 100 pages of poetry and prose for my possible venture into self-publishing, I think I'd have plenty to say without having to improvise, which is something I don't do well in public without some sort of musical accompaniment drowning out my ums and uhs.

of course, I could take an amp and some prints to try to diversify my offerings.

otherwise I'm not sure what to do about my immediate cash shortage. looking for more work won't help in the moment, for one, and I don't actually need more work than I have hovering on the horizon for me--I just need it to stop hovering and actually rain down some money. how do you get clients to stop hemming and hawing about whether or not to spend the money? I've had people contact me with projects they want to do but when it comes time to commit to spending it takes, like, weeks.

I guess I could say something like I need a commitment within n days or I will have to move on to other projects and you will go to the back of the line. politely, of course. for myself, I have to make sure not to take on more than I can do at one time, which is unfortunately not that much, most of the time. it's a dilemma that is leaving me in the lurch over and over; if I go shaking the trees for all the clients I can, I will end up with work that I cannot actually do in a reasonable amount of time. but the clients I do have are all dragging their feet. in the meantime, I'm working and not getting paid.

so I thought maybe I could take my material straight to the public and read out for spare change. what can it hurt? besides my ego if I get hecklers? I'll just tell them to go home if they find my work painful to listen to.

anyone know if you have to get permission from station agents to busk at BART? I always get the idea that people just show up and do what they do.

digging out my smallest amplifier could prove challenging.

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