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so I thought I'd check to see whether my webhost offered blogging software yet and lo and behold they have wordpress installed on their servers now so I was able to export/import everything directly from wordpress to my own domain with just a few clicks. I'm sure there are lots of things to tweak now that I have access to all the files and the database, but right now it works and that is all I need for the time being. if you are reading my blog via eriktripsblog, I've already submitted a request to change the feed URL, so posts should continue to show up smoothly, although there is some chance that the syndicated account will burp out all of my old imported entries at some point in the near future. I hope not. if it does, I apologize to your friends page.

otherwise, if you read directly from the URL, it has changed to http://blog.eriktrips.com; I will soon make an announcement post so that everyone--all 32 of you--can keep up with my latest meanderings. I will probably be dual posting for a little while but eventually I will phase that out. I don't know if wordpress.com will do redirects. I might check that out.

my latest post concerns the tip cup on my blog, and here is my plea for anyone who is enjoying what I write over there: I am in a big financial hole at the moment, and could really use a few dollars. I am trying to make writing my way of life, but until I can convince people to pay me for what I put out there, I will have to find a way to cajole a living out of the world at large. I'm not going to go over my day (night) job woes at the moment, but for those of you following the ghost writing story, things are looking a little grim. I can't say much about it in a public post, but the short of it is they cannot afford to pay me what I am worth and I am not yet convinced that I can afford to give this much of my work away. a smaller project--maybe I could do that for a lower fee in hopes of attracting more attention later, but a whole book for less than six months' wages is probably not something I can do. I'm still mulling it over though, because if I give up the project I also am out the amount of work I've already put into it.

other leads are being somewhat, um, leaden. still others take time and investment of capital that I do not have. the eight dollars in my wallet are all I've got unless I start selling books, which I might do. or CDs. it's going to take time to get poetry busking to pay; I need to find a good spot and I need to show up regularly so that I attract attention. I'll tell more of the story of yesterday's effort later.

finally, I meet a social worker on tuesday to talk about psychiatric disability and how to overcome social phobia enough to apply for disability due partially to social phobia. it's well known among nutcase circles that institutions such as social security are set up to discourage people from utilizing them, and some of us are more easily discouraged than others.

for now, though, the blog is there, the tip jar is there, and all I really want for christmas is the means to feed myself. I hope that is not too much to ask.


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Dec. 8th, 2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
the access problems should be fixed now. I also made the tip jar a little more, um, obvious. I don't think I can do much more without putting it in a pop-up window with flashing red and yellow script. :)

anyway. if it helps, you can think of it as contributing to the arts. in california, admittedly, but, well, if that doesn't work, contribute to a poetry blog based in texas. I'm sure there is at least one.
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