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I took a little tour around the Mission this evening to scope out likely reading spots. The 24th Mission BART station seems pretty much booked--I have yet to find the prime spot next to the up escalator unoccupied after about 4pm, and the other side, next to the down escalator, is no good because people coming into the station are always rushing to catch their train. No time to listen to poetry and drop a bill.

so I think I'm going to try three different places on Mission Street itself.

The Make-Out Room, Doc's Clock, and Foreign Cinema plus the bar on top of the Elements Hostel are the points on the triangle on the secret map. Foreign Cinema seems especially hopping on weekends now; Doc's Clock and the Make-Out Room are steady draws. The first place I will try to read will be by the light of the atrium at Wells Fargo (point 01 on the map) at 22nd. If I get rousted out of there for some reason (trying to make money in front of a bank may well be a crime in the new "get tough" san francisco), I will head down the street to the Banco Agricola Comercial De El Salvador, on Mission at 21st (point 02): there is a nice bright light next to the night deposit drawer that will make reading fairly easy. If that fails, I'll cross the corner and read by the light of Mike's Liquor and Groceries (point 03). The owner and the night clerk both know me and I doubt they would care if I stood outside and read.

I'll probably start around 9pm, depending on when I get to bed and back out again tomorrow--actually I'm likely to start later tomorrow night as I have an obligation in the morning that might draw out into the afternoon, leaving me little time to sleep. Saturday at 9 or so looks good though. I don't know how late I will have enough stamina for, physically or mentally, but we'll see.

If you are in the neighborhood, look for me! Try not to laugh; just look. Oh, and tip, of course, if you can. If you can't, that's fine too. :)

Wish me well, if you can't make it to the corner.

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