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the show doesn't always go on

well I slept through my own performance so no poetry for Mission St tonight. I slept from 5pm till 11:30 and by the time I got my shit together it would be after bar closing time most likely--although bar closing time might not be such a bad time to read. I'll see how long it takes these pills to melt under my tongue. can't talk until they're gone.

but so tomorrow night, depending on the weather, I'll see if I can make my debut. wunderground predicts rain for the next five days; thunderstorms, even, though I'll believe that when I hear it. "isolated thunderstorms" they say, with possible small hail! so if one happens to pass over my neighborhood it could be, um, interesting. I guess rain gear would be a good thing. it is difficult to look like an artiste in REI rain gear, though.

I got to bed so late because I had a little work to do in berkeley and then once I got home I was hungry, and by the time I got to bed it was getting dark. I probably will go back to bed in a little while and nap--6.5 hours is not enough sleep for me, especially after a long "day."

oh it's also supposed to stay in the 40Fs all week. gotta get that pilot light lit. I might have to break down and call PG&E. they'll come out and light it for free, but it is always slightly embarrassing because lighting it is supposed to be quite easy but it seems like every other year it just won't let us do it, so we call the gas company and they come out and get it lit in, like, 1 minute. between s's efforts and mine, we should have run it long enough to get any bubbles out of the gas line. but I might futz with it some more tonight. otherwise we're going to be running around here in our down jackets and wool socks. and the cats will hog the covers. I do have a space heater in here but it works more efficiently if the heater in the living room is taking off some of the chill.

I'm feeling sleepy already. of course I haven't had any coffee yet so that might be helpful with general awareness levels. I have a cup cooling here while my pills melt. I set my pot on the lowest temperature possible but the coffee still comes out too hot for me. I have a very low pain threshold, which explains a number of things I won't go into here. the upshot, though, is that very hot food or drink is painful. I have to let it all cool. which of course means that hot food or drink won't really warm me up. which brings us back to the unlit pilot light and why I am sitting here in three layers of thermal clothing. no it doesn't get that cold in SF, except inside the house.

so I guess I've come full circle and have to stop now, unless we want to make another circuit.


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Dec. 13th, 2008 09:56 am (UTC)
Hey, it ain't too late to make your debut. Go for it!!!

You are on your own calendar.
Dec. 13th, 2008 11:43 am (UTC)
>it is difficult to look like an artiste in REI rain gear, though.

oh, i don't know! i'd listen to you in that outfit too. :)

hope you find it fun to do this, and profitable.
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