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gods have mercy I need a break. I wonder if I could just let myself be for the next 48 hours. thing is, the weekend is upon me and so I need to be thinking about whether I want to read out: you know, read outdoors, on the street, like I did last saturday. I also need to try to sell some things. I'm going to start with clothes. I was such a clotheshorse there for a while but lately I've stopped wearing cotton shirts at all because they are so awful when wet and I still sweat like it's 100F out in almost any weather if I'm not standing stock still. I want to keep a few colorful shirts for special occasions but I've been wearing techical fabrics for about a year and they work so much better for my body and this climate I don't know that I need even half the shirts I've managed to collect.

I've still got a ton of clothes from pretransition too--twelve years worth of clothes I've got! surely someone will buy some of them. it could take me months just to get to the bottom of the pile of things I don't want anymore.

then there are cds and books.

I was going to sort some stuff out this morning but I've been up for just about six hours and I feel like I'm ready to go back to bed. I've been napping recently. maybe it's just time for my nap. I should give it a go. of course, I should feed the cats first or they won't let me sleep unless they are so cold that's all they want to do. santiago was up for about three minutes and decided that under the covers was the best place to be.

pg&e is coming out to light our pilot light on friday. it always lights on the first try for them even when we can't get it lit to save our lives. I do not know how they do it. I even have a fancy stick butane torch; doesn't help.

ok I'm going to join the cats for however long they will let me.


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