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this not knowing when my exams will be is really inconvenient. i have no idea if i should be panicking because i only have three days left or if i can relax because it's going to be another week. i have just two more books i want to look at (that's not true: i have several i want to look at but these two i feel i must) but my biorhythms are all pointing to "stupid" today and i suspect they will continue to do so for at least part of tomorrow.

thus i don't know if i will get to both of them or not. there may be days left. there may be only hours.

and in the meantime i bought some nice pants but ran out of shopping stamina to find a nice shirt so i need time to go back. this is so i can dress well for my exams and you may think the clothes are not that important but one should look sharp to feel sharp.

as it happens the pants aren't extremely nice but are somewhere in between black chinos and black dress pants and i don't know what color shirt i should get with them. i like blue but blue with black often looks like the wearer can't tell the difference between blue and black and is only mistakenly wearing the two together. maybe a deep red? there is always grey or white or ivory but i would like a splash of color to indicate that i'm not entirely dead.

i'm not sure of what kind of fabric either. would something soft and slinky look good with in-between-chinos-and-dress-slacks? or should i stick to the conservative blend of cotton and polyester? i want to look young and hip of course but i don't want to look like i am fifteen and don't know how to dress myself which is pretty much how i feel.

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