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turns out aquarius records won't buy cd's for cash anymore; only credit. well that's all well and good but I don't need credit to buy tons of music now. so I'm going to have to haul my stash down to amoeba, hopefully tomorrow but maybe not till saturday. thing about amoeba is they have a much larger inventory, so it's possible I could sell my whole collection to them. I'll have to think about that. maybe I'll just start small. I only want to haul so much on the bus. taking a city carshare car would completely defeat the purpose of selling the cds.

buffalo exchange took a fairly large bite out of my clothing pileup though, so I was able to buy food for myself and the cats. the trip to aquarius was so quick that I just came back, plopped down the bag of cds, and picked up the bags of clothes. back out the door. I think I've walked about three miles already today and I haven't been more than four blocks from my house.

I finally nailed one of the web design gigs! this will be good, but I will have to work quickly to make it worth my while. I am too tired to figure out a contract today but I will work on one overnight and get it to them and then I should get a nice deposit for the work I have already done and that will be quite helpful for a number of things.

I also put up a craigslist ad for home computer support last night and already got one response. I will respond to this person tonight as well. I must figure out how not to give too much advice away for free. I think I know what he needs to do, but he probably needs to be led through the process, and I might as well go to his house and do that with him. I'm not really that eager to start meeting random strangers all the time, but this is a stopgap practice that may or may not continue, depending on how it pans out. I really need a steady gig. constant exposure to new people takes it out of me so quickly that I begin to collapse in a matter of days.

no word from SFAI yet. I am not hopeful.

I'm beat. I don't know if I'll make it out tonight or not. therapy is at 2 so I will be in bed at 3:30 or 4 at the earliest. that means I should try to stay in bed till midnight if I want to have a productive night. one of the more interesting things about my variable bedtime is that it takes me a while to figure out whether I should get up if I wake up in the middle of my "night." whether or not it is light makes no difference. sometimes I can fix it in my head right before I go to sleep that I mustn't get up till x hour, but I still have to look at my watch to determine what time it is. again, light or dark outside don't help me. I can no longer recognize the difference between twilight and dawn.

I find this fascinating myself. maybe you have to be there.

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