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down time

it looks like my shot is due in about five hours, which explains a lot. the only way I know when to do it is from my ical alerts that beep every hour until it's done on the day it's done; I thought I was getting tired and it turns out that there is good reason for that.

I might take it here in a sec and see if I can get any late night boost. otherwise I should go to bed for the third time today and sleep another couple of hours and then take it. this seems very appealing. I keep thinking I've been in bed longer than I really have and jumping up before it is time. my schedule has gotten very irregular in the last four or five days and I need to get it back on track because otherwise this is what happens. no matter when I wake up I think I've been in bed for seven hours even if it's only been, like, two. I don't remember when I went to bed until I get up and check my chart. as you can see by looking at today, I've been sleeping in 3-4 hour bursts. I need at least one more.

I did not get out to read this weekend although the weekend is not really over given that we're rolling into xmas week. probably I could continue to read out every night between now and new years day and get a at least a little attention. with the possible exception of tuesday wednesday night (my mind is going. I can feel it.), xmas eve.

it's looking like it's me and just me for the holiday itself. I will try to find something interesting to do during the time I'm awake. a movie if I can raise cash, a walk or something else free or cheap if not. yet another nice thing about being awake at night is that holiday nights don't seem much different from regular nights, unless it is the sort of holiday that produces noisy neighbors. I hope to the gods of peacefulness that they go out for new years eve. I know that wherever they are they will be raising hell, so let it not be here.

I mean, I'll be up, and s will probably be out, but it still gets annoying having to deal with someone else's racket when you prefer quiet, or at least quiet enough that I can listen to my own music without turning it up so loud it scares the cats.

I'm getting to be a crabby old man. get off my lawn! >:{>

very sleepy. I should take advantage of this and take an effective nap. maybe I'll be awake and ready to function by midnight.


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Dec. 21st, 2008 05:54 am (UTC)
You'll be in town in May, right? We'll be there May 10-22 for L's surgery with Brownstein. The Big Day is 5/13/09, so we'll have a couple of days on either end where we'll be free to get together if you'd like. :)

... I just noticed your journal's default language is French. I'm SO changing mine to Spanish. Great idea.

Dec. 21st, 2008 08:56 am (UTC)
that's so far ahead it is hard to say, but I will aim to be in town then. much depends on how grandma does this year--she's 98! and when/if I have funds for travel. but generally I will put you all on the calendar and try to be here at least before the surgery. L might not feel much like socializing after, although I found I was only in pain for about three days.

how exciting for him! I was unexpectedly propelled into a whole new realm of satisfaction when I had mine removed. :)
Dec. 21st, 2008 05:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah we don't often plan that far ahead either, but needed that amount of time to save up since it has to be paid for in cash upfront!

We'll be there 3 days before and 9 days after the surgery, so we're hoping we'll have some true "vacation" time as well on the two ends.

It IS exciting! He's gotten to the point, finally, where he's really ready. Previously he didn't mind, and still doesn't mind, having them. However, as you know, society is such that it's just not safe. And binding is getting more and more painful with the pressure sores and ingrown hairs. Ouch. We both wish the world we lived in was accepting enough that he could go without the binder, but he simply can't.

So, surgery it is. :-)
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