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I was going to pull some books together to sell this morning but as I started going through them and choosing ones I figure I will never read again I started thinking wait! what if I need this for teaching (if I ever teach again)? and wait! I really should read this one again. and wait! I know it's been sitting here since I bought it but I am going to get to this one soon. I really am! and wait!

and I think you see where this is going.

I am torn over whether to sell my South Park and Monty Python dvds. South Park lost me a long time ago with its gee whiz conservatism and after I bought the Monty Python boxed set and watched a few I didn't find them nearly as funny as I did thirty years ago. imagine taste changing like that.

so I can see letting go of Monty Python but I don't think I'm ready to give Heidegger up to someone who can stand him.

something is wrong with me.

but the dvds are in mint condition whereas the books would need a fair amount of erasing even though I think they are more valuable with my witty annotations. but used book dealers don't see it that way. people who buy used books prefer theirs unmarked, from what I hear. and I don't know if an hour per book with an eraser is actually worth the money I'd get from the effort. I've lived in the US too long; I'm thinking time is money when actually it's raw material from which to create things besides just capital but whatever I still think I can do something more and better with the time I'd spend erasing my remarks detailing why Heidegger is Wrong. (don't ask me why Heidegger is wrong. I've quite forgotten. in order to remember I'd have to read him again and that isn't happening while I have all these books on poetry and other pleasant things lying all over my room.)

maybe I should look again but you know I could rip the dvds; I don't really have a means to quickly reproduce any of these books.

the problem you see is that Berkeley hasn't paid me for the work I did two weeks ago (usually they take 10 days but holidays muck all that up) and I need to pay Strohecker's to send me my testosterone. I might have to go a-borrowing again. I have a couple of days left but I don't think disbursements is open until tuesday and wednesday and then closed on thursday and open on friday and well I need my shot wednesday.

otherwise I have money enough to feed myself for a few more days yet.

bother. I wonder if the clinic keeps any hormones stashed away for emergencies. I have an appointment with my doc on Tues night. maybe I should email her and ask.

my body can't decide if it wants to be up days or nights. lately my rhythm is sleep five hours stay up six hours sleep six hours stay up four hours etc. I think I'm also experiencing the antiplacebo effect of knowing my t vial is empty. maybe I should make some inquiries..

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