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On Vox: runaround sue

I'm posting from vox again. because I can. the tricky thing is to change your default userpic every time you post so that you have can keep things mixed up. the man in the picture is not me. or it shouldn't be. if it is, I screwed up.

navigating the convoluted, uncoordinated mess that is "public social services" in San Francisco is enormously frustrating. this agency only takes referrals from these other agencies but these other agencies won't give you referrals because your medical care is at this other agency from whom the first agency does not accept referrals. why not? gods only know. funding, probably, because instead of some sort of uniform national healthcare and disability coverage everything is a patchwork of grants and federal monies with bizarre stipulations that prevent anyone from doing the obvious thing and endeavor to work together seamlessly. people think that it is better to be disabled or otherwise disadvantaged in the US than anyplace else. they'd be Wrong.

just a few hoops to jump through. the usual I suppose. the hard part is picking out a path from hoop to hoop that will get you to your destination the fastest. when there are multiple paths to choose from it is not always clear where to start. this isn't "choice." this is chaos and confusion where your choices become limited the moment you make your first move. the cards are stacked against you at the start so it is crucial to find the best assistance available so the system doesn't crush you and deposit you on the sidewalk.

there my be a real blog post in here somewhere. or maybe poetry. ode to a social net comprised of shoestrings and gum wrapper chains. and this place is one of the best social service oriented cities in the nation. imagine.

but so I learned to navigate one agency today. will try to stick with them for a few days to see if they can be persuaded to help. if not, there are others, but like psych med trials, each one of these engagements elicits a unique constellation of side effects and consequences that are almost always exhausting for me.


I'm going to bed now. in the morning/evening I am going to read.  to myself. in the house.

I think that is all.

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Jan. 8th, 2009 01:03 am (UTC)
I understand the feeling. I often feel that way working for an agency. So often all I can do is listen to people and refer them.
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