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a meme

this is for lilphatts, who wanted to know our reactions to the following list of words/phrases. here are mine:

1) Americans - Too many are willfully ignorant. But we are a diverse bunch.

2) Senior citizens - Woefully underrespected by mainstream culture. Should be pampered and revered, except for the ones that abused their kids.

3) The British - Class conscious. But wickedly funny.

4) Germans - This is complicated since my family is mostly German and I feel alienated from most of them. Overly-repressed.

5) Christians - The fundamentalists need to learn the meaning of metaphor. Mainline Christians need to unsteeplejack their religion and take the fundie threat seriously.

6) Russians - Longsuffering. It seems that with decent leadership they could provide all their citizens with a reliable standard of living.

7) Immigrants - America is full of 'em.

8) Native Americans - We stole their land and then assaulted it. I hope they get it back because many of their traditions recognize the value of the land as it is, not as it needs to be "developed."

9) Jewish people - Too diverse to characterize. I have a fair number of Jewish friends who are mainly pragmatic and compassionate. Very interesting and multifaceted culture.

10) White people - Need to give back what they've taken from brown people.

11) The south - Glad I left. Never want to go back.

12) NYC - City never sleeps. I might like living there for the sheer vibrance but it is too far away from real wilderness for me to stay long.

13) San Francisco - Love it. Hate it. Love it. Hate it.

14) Islam - Much more diverse than most Americans recognize. Should watch its fundamentalists more closely, though. Historically responsible for some of our most cherished ideals of "civilization."

15) Lesbians - I usually get along well with them. I keep hearing that many think ftm's are traitors but I have yet to meet one who actually does.

16) Bisexuals - Misunderstood by almost everyone else.

17) Swingers - Is this word still in use? I don't much care who has sex with whom or when as long as all are consenting adults.

18) Gay men - Many need to cop to their privilege, where they have it in relation to other queers.

20) Transgender or Transsexual people - Need to recognize and accept their differences and form viable alliances instead of sniping at each other.

21) Butch and Femme - Something I was never really into; don't understand its seeming compulsoriness in the contemporary lesbian community.

22) Heterosexuals - Some of my best friends are heterosexual.

23) Hispanic people - Since the American Southwest belongs to them anyway, we need to stop trying to regulate their movements across the current border. Prosecute actual criminals, sure. But
"illegal immigrant" is an oxymoron in this part of the country when applied to everyday Latin@s.

24) Asian people - Asian culture came up with some very interesting philosophical insights that could be instructive for the "West." Asian people? I know a few.

25) The far left in politics - Is there a single "far left"? The left itself seems too prone to fragmentation to be able to gain a sizable constituency. Me, I'm about as far left as one can get.

26) The far right in politics - Authority junkies. Need to have their minds blown.

27) Mexicans - Same deal as with other Hispanics except that I suppose the American Southwest is more "properly" theirs in particular.

29) Texas - Frightens me.

30) Canada - Often wish I could live there instead of here, primarily because it is more socialized and colder.


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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 22nd, 2009 08:54 pm (UTC)
Carlos -- spoken like a true Mexican-American! ; )

I like how thoughtful you are Erik. Alway..
Jan. 24th, 2009 05:35 am (UTC)
I think maybe the catholic church might bear some of that responsibility as well. granted people choose what to believe in, but we brainwash so easily from birth that often we end up relinquishing the right to do so.

the meddling in this region in recent history by the catholic church is, well, appalling from some viewpoints. presumptuous at best, responsible for cultural genocide at worst.
Jan. 22nd, 2009 10:17 pm (UTC)
Canada: "more socialized and colder"
Right on. Although Vancouver can be too sunny in the summmer.
Jan. 24th, 2009 05:37 am (UTC)
Re: Canada: "more socialized and colder"
heh. is Vancouver actually sunnier than Seattle in the summer? after suffering in the California sun for twelve years--well as we see I've reverted to mostly nocturnal hours just to get away from some of it! I think I'd probably be happy with Vancouver sun.
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