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here I am over here

so I got a dreamwidth account because everyone was doing it. if you are on dreamwidth and would like to be in my circle (if you are on my friends list on LJ of course I want you in my circle!) please respond with your dreamwidth username or, um, circle me on dreamwidth where I am also [info]eriktrips.

I haven't decided yet whether to migrate entirely but will just see how things develop. in any case, I'll be crossposting from dreamwidth to LJ for some time and will continue to use LJ as my main journal just because I already know how it works. not that dreamwidth is that different, but it is enough different that you have to look up things like how to add a user tag and at the moment I don't have lots of free time.

for the record, I have no invite codes. I will let you all know once I do.
Tags: circle, first, lj

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