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just to apologize for the blip.fm spam last night. not that I don't think it would be interesting to tell you all what songs I'm "DJ'ing" over there, but there seems to be no option for condensing them into, say, one post a day, like these tweet aggregators. maybe someone will build an app. in the meantime, this "feature" will be disabled. if you want to know what I'm playing, blip.fm is sort of a musical twitter where you can find music you like by listening to people who like the things you do. I'm eriktrips over there because I seem to want to keep my branding very uniform.


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May. 5th, 2009 07:49 pm (UTC)
i have, like, three names i've used most, so if you see one of them, it's probably me! it gives me the illusion of anonymity without really providing for same. (google my lj name and you get everything i ever did, just about.)

blip is lots more fun than twitter! i found myself sitting there too long this morning and had to pry myself away. *g*
May. 7th, 2009 09:27 am (UTC)
I was actually worried about you. I thought the blips were some weird secret depressive ah, suicide message or something, some code. I really did worry! I was relieved the next day. I wasn't quite sure what to do... (!)

I almost moved into that place in your building BTW. My friend Suzanne (who is looking for a place with me and Tim - you met Tim at my birthday party) and I looked at the place the other day. We did not get an appointment because no one called us back, it was probably already rented. We did go through the gate, which was unlocked. The place looked OK through the windows, the empty place for rent. It is apartment D. Maybe the one where the guy died last year? I was going to talk to you about the apartment and the landlord and all. But, Suzanne got very put off by the fact that the gate was open. And, we want more room I think. So, we won't be looking into it further, but I think that it is rented anyway. It was a steal for a three bedroom.
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