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rambling bliss

i have to say that having passed these exams feels really really good. so good that i hardly have anything to say. suddenly nothing is urgent and i can just play solitaire all day absolutely guilt-free.

this is the blessed zone.

i am hoping to get the writing muscle going on the train. not the academic arm of it but the poetic arm of it. and i am going to finish that damned drawing of lines that i have been working on for six months because i only seem to be able to do anything on it when i am on a train.

wednesday morning i leave for Chicago and will be offline unless and until i find a cybercafe there. otherwise i'll be out of touch until the 23rd when i land at lisagail's house where there is a really fast pc with a really fast cable modem.

oh and i'll be glad to see her too. ::ducks::

woohoo! vacation!

any of you seattleites know a good tattoo artist up there? i want someone who will be able to do a nice northwest coast native american style piece.

i'm trying to remember if any of you have tattoos. everyone here does. i may be succumbing to peer pressure but i've wanted this one for awhile and i think now is the time.

this may be the most prosaic entry i've ever posted.

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