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another airport hotspot for another $7.99 for another half an hour before the plane boards. when will they ever give us free wireless in the airport? but then why do I feel compelled to buy a day pass even when boarding is imminent?

so along about 7am PDT all buoyant thoughts directed towards the west coast would be appreciated. you know the drill. there are a couple of klonopin on board but this is the first time I've flown in a long time without a xanax chaser. not that it matters--klonopin is long-acting but it still kicks in pretty quickly on an empty stomach. and my stomach is empty. in fact I could use some food but after paying airport prices for internet I'm not going to pay airport prices for a bagel.

have I mentioned how much I hate flying?

now that I have logged on, I think I need to log off to visit the men's room one last time. nothing worse than a window sitter who needs the restroom on an hour flight. I'll be getting on close to first: last row.

ok. I can do this.

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