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order of the day

well I was pondering whether to have coffee, clean and then nap but I am feeling sleeeepy so I think it will be nap, coffee and then clean. I took a short nap early this morning but I am about done in for the rest of the afternoon. might wake up around 5pm or so. this "sleeping whenever" scheme is working very well for me: I am actually awake during a large enough portion of everyday business hours that I can get stuff done but at the same time I am still sleeping through 3am and doing most of my work in the middle of the night or early in the morning. I rarely sleep more than five hours at a go and time itself has become continuous rather than divided rigidly into day/night/day/night/day/night/day. I do like routine as an overall strategy but inside of that there are some routines that totally harsh my squee. sleeping when I feel like it pretty much gets rid of the main culprit: afternoon. if I am not already asleep I am rushing home to get to bed rather than making lists of all the things I did not get done that day. now there is no such thing as a "day" but I am productive in some way during each awake period so that is one source of guilt mostly hushed up.

and I am sleeping an average of 8-9 hours a day, pretty much like I would normally do. I made a feeble attempt at a kind of polyphasic sleep but after two days of trying to get by on mostly short naps I would become comatose for about 14-18 hours. not helpful.

I bought a fancy pen and a red refill for it. one day they will probably become completely obsolete, but everyone I know who publishes books still goes through printed galleys by hand--or has their graduate student researcher do it for them. but so my pen is the blue one with gold swirly stripes fourth from the left. It was not as expensive as it might look or maybe it doesn't look expensive at all but I thought I should get something besides another uniball pen to mark up galleys with. we will be testing my ability to keep track of a pen. it already has a spot. I just have to remember now never to put it someplace else even just "till I get back" or it will be instantly and permanently lost.

now I have no choice but to write another book. well, I guess that's ok.


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