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I'm beginning to have an idea of how sisyphus felt and/or perhaps how the painters of the golden gate bridge feel: four hours of cleaning this morning and I have managed to clear another ten square feet of floor and about 32 cubic feet of space. not that much of a 10x12' room. granted, the density of Stuff was quite high in this particular area, and the piles of books will be somewhat easier to figure out what to do with--if I can make enough room for some ad-hoc bookshelves--but it really is a bit discouraging to realize that I could be doing this for another month if I did four hours every day but I do not really have four hours every single day to devote to it. one must grocery shop and eat and do paying work and write and any number of other things besides straighten up.

the path from my chair to my door is about twice as wide as it was, at least. and the desk portion of my shelving unit has now been renovated from top to bottom. er, except for that shelf down at my knees; but it's filled with books that really have nowhere to go so there isn't much point to picking them up and putting them down again in the same place.

but so I do feel as though if I ever get through one pass of my whole room it will be time to begin again at my desk. that's how the golden gate bridge is painted: continuously, from one end to the other and then starting again at the beginning. I guess it is a steady job but there is no point at which one can stand back and say there! I'm done! or think the thought that always accompanies that exclamation: and I'll never have to do it again!

no I will be cleaning this room for the rest of my life, looks like.

when I was little I would be told to clean my room or closet and I would always take hours because I found so many interesting things to look at while cleaning. this did not happen this time; there actually was enough crap to keep me occupied with figuring out how to rearrange it from 6am until just moments ago.

soon I will go to bed. in fact I don't know whether I'll make it to the end of this post so perhaps I should cut it short and put on my pajamas.

yeah. good idea.

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