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I don't recall closing my eyes this last four hours' worth. but I've been mostly asleep from 1:30 yesterday afternoon until now, 3:30am. I think I was awake from about 10:30 till midnight. there is a cold cup of coffee here on my desk, indicating that I thought I'd be awake for the night but apparently that was not to be.

there is a small indentation in my head. I woke up with my head resting on the corner of my desk, but the indentation is not all that deep or painful so I must have just nodded downwards a little while ago but I am fairly sure I fell asleep about three hours ago because otherwise the coffee wouldn't still be in the cup.

so I'm hoping that what has amounted to about 12 hours of sleep gets me caught up for a few days. I've been sleeping in four-hour stretches spaced more or less evenly but apparently I cannot do that indefinitely. I will venture that right now I feel more wide awake than I have in days. maybe I'll have time to get something done now.

an alias has gone missing from my desktop. it isn't in any of the nearby aliases' directories and it is not in the trash. when you fall asleep with your fingers on the keyboard anything can happen. usually I just wake up with a bunch of oooooooooooooooooooooooo's in whatever document was last open but I was looking at something in firefox when I closed my eyes. I do not remember closing my eyes nor do I remember what I was doing just beforehand. I don't even remember thinking why am I tired I just got eight hours of sleep.

interesting. sometimes I think I should stop driving. not that I drive very often anymore, but this waking up from a nap you don't remember settling in for is somewhat alarming in its implications. I don't think I can fall asleep standing up yet but I haven't really given myself a chance to. when I'm tired I sit.

well. I have a whole day ahead of me it looks like. no papers to edit and I've had plenty of sleep. I am going to play some scales through headphones here in a minute and then when it is just late enough to make audible noise I have another shelf slated for renovations.

I'm hungry. which is not surprising.

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