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nap attack

I think I've mentioned how coffee puts me to sleep if I am tired. well I guess I was not quite ready to be out of bed because that cup knocked me unconscious, right into REM sleep with dreams and everything. interestingly, perhaps, I woke up crouched with my feet up on the little cube that I keep under my desk as a foot rest. I was curled up into a ball, basically. that actually makes my back stretch out a little--maybe I should sleep in that position more often. no snoring. I can tell because I woke up without the dry mouth that comes from sleeping on my back with the mouth gaping open and undoubtedly emitting loud, frightening noises.

that is one thing that sleeping in my chair does: it keeps me able to breathe. I do think I have sleep apnea although I don't know how bad it is. I go to sleep on my side which works to keep my throat from closing, but I often roll over onto my back for some reason and when I do that I wake up with my mouth absolutely parched. sometimes I dream that I cannot catch my breath. and I may be doing the wakeup thing; I definitely wake up when I reach the lightest phase of sleep. it's like my sleep curve bumps up above consciousness at the light apex. one reason I remember all my dreams is that I often wake up right in the middle of one or, I guess, as it "ends" as far as my dreaming body is concerned. but I sometimes wake up with my earplugs pulled out or with my feet put back under the covers if it was warm when I went to bed, so I know I wake up without remembering it.

I don't know if Healthy San Francisco pays for sleep studies. I keep meaning to ask my doc about it although I don't want to have to use one of those machines. I don't even know if I could put one up on my loft but in any case I would take the mask right off in my sleep. anything that is slightly uncomfortable will not last long on my sleeping body. but maybe a mouthpiece would help. or strapping myself in the side-sleeping position. :)

I am going to risk another cup of coffee now. I think I've had enough sleep at this point. we'll see, I guess.


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