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it just occurred to me: how are students of non-fretted stringed instruments taught to find notes? not only are there no frets to keep you precisely on pitch (although frets actually don't do that for obscure reasons whereas non-fretted instruments are subject to the human ear and subsequent correction) but there aren't even any fret markers. are there? I don't recall seeing any dots on the violin that I had access to for too short a time. there may have been a sticker at approximately the fifth fret.

I bet that non-fretted instrument learners have a better idea of what intervals are and why we use them. you don't have to learn intervals on a fretted instrument and in fact I barely know what a third is, but I bet that intervals have a spatial quality to them that fretted instruments make less obvious because you are looking at dots and not how far you have moved up towards the bridge or nut.

the other thing I wonder about those non-fretted instruments is how the hell do you play those notes way up on the fingerboard without developing carpal-tunnel syndrome. you can't use your thumb for leverage unless you have giant hands and then you'd have giant fingers which would counterbalance your advantage with a certain clumsiness.

I should buy a violin from a pawn shop when I have a little money. I'd rather have a cello but nobody pawns cellos. there is also no place to put a cello in here. I need to play small instruments from now one, like instruments that fit into your computer.

but then I wonder if there is such a thing as Hal Leonard's Violin Method or Mel Bay's Learn to Play Violin.

I'm checking musiciansfriend.com now to see what's available. :)

(I'm also trying to cleanse my palate from that horrible paper I just edited. the next one better be easy. shit.)


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