Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

Friday morning

Waiting for the coffee to cool and trying to figure out why my LJ Client still knows my login info after I trashed every preference file I could find relating to it. Maybe I should start up the older version; the new one keeps freezing while trying to log in, boosting my CPU temp and turning the fan on High you'd better do something before the motherboard melts. I'm updating via the web interface which is not so awful but if Firefox goes into one of its catatonic states then I'll lose my post. I guess I could take a screenshot every five minutes.

I have five hours to drink my coffee and go to Rainbow and get food and come back and edit a paper and then it will probably be time for a nap. I slept from 10am till almost 5pm but that won't be long enough I don't think. Not that it matters--have a look at my sleep pattern over the last week and you'll see why not.

I am starting to stress out about teaching and I need to make up a syllabus over the next few days. I think I am going to make a lot of the readings available as .pdfs--this means I can be flexible as the class goes on rather than lock us into a single trajectory. Not that I won't plan one out--I will, but this way I can add and subtract as needed. I have to go pick up my desk copy of the textbooks, though, before I can really say what we'll be studying when. I guess I can choose the main texts and put them in with a skeleton showing when the papers are due and then plug in actual writing topics after I get the books on Monday. I should have gone and gotten them this week but I got a little depressed and immobile.

It happens.

OK I'm going to cut this short and go get groceries while I still can. I won't lie though--I've been more than a little depressed. Pats on the head are welcome. :)
Tags: coffee, depression, food, sleep, software

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