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holy fascism, batman!

ok i'm ready to go home to san francisco. i spent the last two days in the company of my relatives, which was fine and great and grandma is 92 and alert and feisty as ever and i was very glad to see her. but my uncle stumbled across an old friend of his and my dad's from college and he hung out with us part of the time and he seemed like a nice enough guy until he started grousing about how the indians had more rights than "we" do and how we've become a nation of "wimps" unwilling to go to apparently totalitarian lengths to make and enforce laws. for instance: he demanded to know why there were no casualties in the drug war since all wars have casualties. i'm not exactly sure what he meant by "casualties" but obviously he doesn't think there have been enough.

and then. in order to illustrate how he thought order should be kept in the US he named a historical example of a slaveowner who chained an escaped and recaptured slave to a fence and left him there until he was literally a skeleton, the better to keep his other slaves and those who might aid them frightened into submission. "i'm not for or against slavery [you're not against slavery??] but you have to admit that got the job done."


at that point i couldn't contain myself and blurted out that Hitler "got the job done" too but either my point sailed over everyone's heads or (more likely) my aunt and uncle are as meek as the rest of my family when it comes to controversy so they said nothing and the old friend changed the subject.

good heavens. i kept my silence the rest of the time in deference to my elders but man. interestingly the little nazis in my head tried to make hay with his "arguments" but were not able to get anywhere with them because they were so outrageous.

i find myself wondering how representative of middle america this guy might be but also wondering if it is just that his sort are the loudest or even that i only make note of those who bug me and don't notice the more palatable opinions amongst the population. but i'm feeling the urge never to leave urban centers again.

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