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chapter two

now what. here is the list:

volunteer at spca.
lift weights.
keep walking.
drink less beer.
get tooth fixed.
shelve books. there are many many books to shelve so this will take some time.
file insurance claim before time runs out.
get tattoo.
play guitar.
play bass.
play with drum machine.
sing loudly in shower to strengthen voice.
write songs.
buy or rig storage for 100 cds and hang it in the air somewhere in here. if you've seen my room you understand.
finish painting door.
sand doorknob and reattach to door.
install OS 9.2
research OS X and install on one hard drive if indicated.
research USB/firewire cards, CD-RW drives and web cams.
transcribe train writing into cupboard.
straighten out memoir.
continue transsexual in san francisco story even if hackneyed.
consolidate above three into autobiography, find agent, hawk book.
do school paperwork.
read books on American Lit list that i didn't get to before exams.
re-read the Stein most likely to be used in dissertation.
think about Deleuze and Levinas and Stein and cowboy and indian narratives.
write prospectus.
plan winter trip, find funds, reserve car rental or train ticket.

looks like i should be busy for awhile. of course first i must play a few games of computer solitaire.

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