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  • 22:37 is so anxious he is thinking about going back to bed plurk.com/p/2t6un6
  • 00:12 wonders whether climbing twin peaks at midnight on a sunday night would be safe plurk.com/p/2t801p

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Dec. 1st, 2009 07:55 am (UTC)
Because the Universe said, "Do it, bitch!"
I was going to come post on your personal journal that if you ever felt like moving I have the perfect neighborhood for you, and then I read your intro. We have a lot in common and because I am who I am, it's both fascinating and frightening. To start, I fail at being PC, so if I offend, delete the comment and call it good. I don't apologize for it anymore, because I'm tired of spending my life apologizing. I am a vet tech. I speak cat fluently, though I think dog is my native language. I am rather attached to both my cats and my dog. My children aren't bipedal. *shrugs* Next weirdness that isn't the same but oddly similar, I don't often see gender when I look at people, and I don't have a sexual preference. I guess that makes me bi, though I don't often think about it. I have a uterus, that doesn't make me a girl, much to my mother's unending grief as she popped out a fag (Atlantis. Yes, that is his real name. Yes, my mother named him that. No, he doesn't go by it. I don't blame him), a dyke(K.C. those are her initials. No I won't tell you what they stand for, she'd kill me if she found out, and she's BIGGER than me.), a male to female transgendered woman who's pretty sure she's bi but doesn't really know yet even after fifteen years(My older brother Johnathan become my older sister Jonnah, and no not one of us really cares whether or not she's bi. She just bounces. Usually after a breakup with a girlfriend), one poor straight boy(The youngest, and Jess is a doll about all of the rest of us. Laughs and calls himself a freak, but he'll wave a rainbow flag all day long and not stress it.), and me(And I won't even begin to try and explain me because it doesn't work. I never get it right). Then Mom adopted a slew of little straight kids to make herself feel better, since Jess just wasn't enough. *laughs* So yeah, there's a big difference, my family is pretty loving... There we go. Half a book and it doesn't even begin to cover what I wanted to say. Maybe just that in some small way I appreciate that I'm not entirely alone out here. You're close enough for empathy, which is rare enough in my world.
Dec. 1st, 2009 08:02 am (UTC)
I *still* have the perfect neighborhood for you, should you decide suddenly to leave the one you have, as one of my best friends is a marvelously Aspie Fag who you might very well get along with, or at least empathize with. Or failing that entertain yourself by staring at him and trying to figure out what he's thinking... Which is a common behavior for him because he's awesomely non-social like that. Then we discuss it, while he desperately prays that I don't think he's delusional or paranoid and I desperately try to connect to what he's feeling because I just don't get it all the time. We may not function well, but we keep it going. Which is all that counts in my book.
Dec. 1st, 2009 05:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Oh!
thanks for some very entertaining comments. :) I'm fairly well-placed as-is, in the middle of San Francisco and pining to leave here to go back to Seattle, which is almost as kind to freaks as SF plus it is dark and rainy about three-quarters of the year, which I like because I am, as you know, quite strange. but I'd be interested in hearing about where you are anyway; it is good to know that there are places one can go without fearing for one's life should there be, like, no doors on the restroom stalls or something.

I believe I shall friend you, and even put you on my "crazy" filter. if what you see scares the pants off of you, you are of course free to go.

I don't know if it is helpful, but I don't even use the word "bi" anymore because I have no idea who/what the "same" and "opposite" genders to mine could possibly be. I prefer "pansexual," or the multisyllabic "polymorphously perverse" when I'm feeling like using big confusing words.

your family sounds very interesting. mine is pathogenic, mostly. my relatives are accepting of me as a queer but they have weird judgmental opinions of mental illness which is quiet ironic because most of us are mentally ill. however, in the last two generations, I've been the only one actually to admit to my problems. it can be annoying, I'll just say.
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