Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

patience update

Santiago and I spent the night in my chair, with him on my lap hardly moving all night long. This morning he has been looking very lethargic and uninterested in food. he is managing to pee, which is good. right now we are sitting huddled together with a blanket and spaceheater and a litterbox just about a foot away and food and water on the floor--untouched. I feel like I am sitting in an animal hospital cage with him.

I am waiting to hear back about his urinalysis results, so I don't really know at this point what the next step is. they had wanted to recheck his kidney values but I was going to go to my regular vet to do that if I could because cab fare over to and back from where we went yesterday eats into the money I can spend to help him. I am trying to figure out if I should try to schedule the bloodwork with my regular vet now and ask yesterday's vet to send over the results of all the lab tests so that I can stop waiting and do whatever needs to be done. but I don't know how my regular vet will help me to deal with the money end. I managed to raise a little over the internet last night (thank you, you know who you are) but not enough for another emergency visit fee. they might waive that for me but I am sort of reluctant to ask and I am not positive what we should do before I know the UA results anyway so I am having some difficulty figuring out if I should wait for the other vet to call me or if I should call them and ask them to fax the info to my regular vet.

maybe if I called my regular vet and explained the situation they could tell me what to do. that means I have to figure out what to say and then say it. on the phone.

maybe I'll just walk over there. without the cat. come back and get the cat if they need him.

maybe I'll write down exactly what to say, call, and then go either with or without the cat, according to their advice.

sometimes this whole phone problem is more than annoying.

meanwhile he sits here looking like he feels like crap. I guess I'll call my regular vet and stammer out what I need from them. wish me luck and some semblance of eloquence.

oh and please send Santiago "get better" vibes. thanks.
Tags: phonophobia, santiago, veterinary care

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