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climbing the wrong tree?

so five minutes after I leave a message with yesterday's vet (we'll call them PU) to fax records to my regular vet (we'll call them MPH), the vet from PU called to say his UA was completely normal: no blood, no crystals, normal concentration, nothing even to indicate that the slightly raised creatinine from was indicative of anything more than dehydration.

meanwhile, Santiago sits here with me unmoving, uninterested in food, and protesting every time I pick him up to check his bladder, which I will stop doing so obsessively now.

plan b: investigate intestinal blockage. did he eat something he shouldn't have? is it stuck in his GI tract? that's the next logical question, as although the urine is coming out, he has eaten very little and not pooped that I can tell unless that runny patch in the box I cleaned this morning was his. this could possibly be an expensive question. I have a follow-up appointment at MPH first thing in the morning but I am afraid of both the implications and expense of what his current lethargy and complete disinterest in food might indicate. :(

I will keep updates coming. meantime I am not sure what to do with myself. I am kind of hungry but kind of not. maybe a salmon burrito would be a good thing to stimulate both of our appetites?

I think I might nap for a little while first. klonopin makes me sleepy especially when last night only lent me unconsciousness from midnight to 6am.

this sort of thing stresses me out not only because my cat is sick but because I have to deal with the phone, with receptionists and doctors, with taxi drivers (sometimes), with my constantly problematic financial state, and with a huge upheaval in my routine.

all of this combined causes me to feel completely out of my league in Dealing With Life.

Tags: aspergers, cats, food, santiago

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