Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

Jackson and I enjoyed it anyway

the salmon was a non-starter for Santiago: a sniff and a lick and that was it. :(

well, as a facebook friend mentioned, H1N1 did make the jump to cats a month or so ago. I had forgotten about that. so there's another Thing It Could Be. if the vet thinks that's possible, then we'll probably be doing antibiotics and fluids. but who knows. soon I will lean my chair back for the night and Santiago and I will spend a few hours in the chair. he doesn't seem to mind my snoring. our appointment is at 8:30 in the morning. I hope it isn't raining too hard for our quick walk over there. I'll have to drape an REI rain jacket over the carrier.

I need to look up whether one can get the flu from one's cat now. I don't want to get sick! not after the last time I had the flu; I seriously thought I was going to die one morning. well, almost. I ended up with pneumonia sure enough though. do I have to wash my hands every time I touch my cat? hand sanitizer is useless: kills bacteria but does not wash away viruses. I need a sink in here. we've got a litter box and food dishes. after tomorrow there may be a bag of fluids hanging from my shelves. if we could move a toilet in for me I'd never need to leave!

why does that remind me of a Simpson's episode? or maybe more than one?

will update in the morning before we leave and after we come back. must hope for inexpensive treatment options. which means he needs to have a bug and not something more serious.

go bugs.
Tags: burritos, flu, santiago

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