Erik (eriktrips) wrote,


Santiago is eating. ssshhh.

we'll see what happens next. last night before we fell asleep I gave him a good long look because he seemed so painful in his abdomen that I was considering taking him back to the PU vet for a late-night emergency visit--which would have been pricey.

this morning he hopped off my lap, a little wobbly, used the litterbox (number one only--but number one!) and ate some canned food. now I have to watch him to see if he keeps it down. so he is a little brighter and eating a little and not growling when I pick him up like he was last night. he is still twitching his tail furiously like he is not comfortable though, and not yet purring when I pet him.

in a little while we'll be off to the vet I guess. I would like for someone else to palpate his abdomen and tell me what they think.

so. guardedly optimistic. I am typing with one hand as he is sitting in my lap resting on my other arm. thus he has actually kept his food down for 15 minutes!

::crosses fingers, knocks wood, throws a bit of salt over shoulder::

wish us luck!
Tags: coffee, santiago, vet care

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