Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

so far so good..

Santiago and I are back from the vet, who could not find anything alarming in his abdomen by feel alone. he offered an ultrasound but since Santiago is eating and looking much brighter this morning, I am just going to keep my eye on him today and see if he continues to improve. he was very friendly at the vet, as usual, and made an instant fan out of the new guy who saw him (whose name I did, of course, immediately forget as soon as he told me. I remember his face very well though! young guy. I guess I'm getting along towards the age where lots of professionals will begin to look very young. when did that happen. oh nevermind. I know when it happened).

Santiago still hasn't vomited what he ate this morning, and his abdomen is not as tender, so I'm hoping it was some GI bug of some kind or that he ate a particularly disagreeable plant and that he is going to continue to improve. the vet's office is open tomorrow all day so we have some wriggle room for weekend problems. thank you all for crossed fingers and toes and paws. if you don't mind keeping them crossed a little while longer, I'd be very appreciative. As would Santiago: he has had his fill of veterinarians this week.

the total bill was not too bad, so your kind donations took care of today already. thanks! but if anyone wants to donate a small amount towards paying off the emergency bill at the PU vet I will thank you profusely. if you decide to do so, you can use my blog tip cup or just paypal to erik at eriktrips dot com.

I'm beat. I must go pick up some meds and food for myself and then I think today may be filled with lots of sleeping. soooo relieved he's feeling better. and determined that he stay that way! he's used up three of his nine lives now. I guess at this rate he'll make it to 15, which is not too bad, but since he is part siamese I expect him to sail right on in to 20 and keep going. but I'd rather not that he cause me to panic every other year on the way there. maybe he'll slow down as he reaches middle age. one can only hope.

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