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hands off

the haircut has been canceled due to excessive heat and me not knowing if it is too soon to cut my hair. i mean it's been about five weeks since the last haircut and my barber and i are in agreement about making it shorter each time so there is hair to be cut but i don't want to appear obsessed with my hair.

why i should not want this to happen in front of a guy who cuts hair day in and day out i am not sure.

in any case it is hotter outside than i'd like it to be for my mile walk to the barbershop. i also hate showing up there all sweaty and then asking my barber to deal with my damp hair. who wants to touch someone else's sweat-drenched head? then i think of all the scaly and oily scalps he must come into contact with daily and i think he just must not gross out over that sort of thing. me i can pick up dead cats and clean up after sick puppies but i wouldn't want to touch human dandruff. ew.

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