Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

that thing we do here every year

I don't know how many year's-end memes I will get to--depends on my coffee consumption over the next few days.

but I thought I'd start off with the Title and First Line from Each Month post:

new years day report
I had breakfast with b this morning, who is thinking of taking a job in hong kong.

still kicking
or rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

how it is. how is it?
I guess I've been kind of quiet lately, huh? mostly I've been trying to get my editing speed up to the point that I can do more than one paper a night but so far this is about my limit.

just a note. er, a very long note.
I'm putting this down more as an index than anything but man I am feeling sick as a skunk this "morning."

here I am over here
so I got a dreamwidth account because everyone was doing it.

need a job? willing to move to Durham NC?
The company I do telecommuting editing for is looking for a web developer.

happy t-day
today is my T-birthday: on July 1, 1997 I received my first testosterone injection.

early to bed
I seem to be more or less on eastern time the past couple of days, although yesterday I slept in my chair from 3-5am after thinking I was up.

future perfect
I posted this to asperger yesterday afternoon before I went to bed. I managed to stay awake for about four hours this morning but now I'm going back to bed because I keep falling asleep in my chair and dropping my book and pencil and I think if I just let my sleeping binge run its course then I might end up with about twenty hours or so in which to hammer this thing out.

shaving cream
for no reason that I can really comprehend, "shaving cream" is going through my head this morning. you know: the baby fell out of the window / we thought that her head would be split / ...

oh hai!
I'm fine, in case you were wondering. I haven't left the house in two days but it's good because I have gotten lots of reading and writing done and it's amazing the number of things I can think of to do sitting here in this chair with my computer in front of me, books surrounding me on all sides, and my guitar on my left.

chapter closed. or conclusion being written
I just quit teaching. I feel like a half ton brick has been removed from my back.

that was relatively painless. not terribly enlightening on the face of it but the actual posts some of them I don't remember writing at all! I think it is amazing how much of life is simply lost on us. when I think about things that I've forgotten, the person I was then doing this thing that I was to forget almost immediately--is that person dead? if the continuity of memory is the only thing that gives us a sense of "self," being able to reflect on our own history, then are those parts of our history that are forgotten the realm of ghosts? I wonder about this sometimes. last week, for instance. pick a day: wednesday. I honestly have no idea what I was doing when, although I probably sat in my chair and read quite a bit. but parts of me that day are forever gone. isn't that what death is?

ok I'll try to lighten up. but really, this is not a morbid question so much as it is about continuity and the illusion of a continuous self. it seems obvious to me that "I" am only remembered punctually rather than continuously. in between those moments that stand out, I don't remember being or doing anything, and it doesn't hurt to have lost that day or two or a few thousand, so in some ways I think that death must not be very different except that I'll just lose those few memories that I currently have and the ability to reflect upon them. back into the unconscious of the universe, as I was saying else-LJ the other day. how much of life do we carry out completely unconscious of what we are doing?

I might do another meme a little later. I think I have to check my Farmville farm. I've been losing whole harvests lately because I forget to check it. but I've kind of run out of things to buy, so now I'm just collecting virtual money for no reason. still, I enjoy making patterns with the crops and I like to be able to plant something new each time I level up.

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