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rain rain go away

I'm spoiled.

more than 12 years in San Francisco has allowed me to believe that rain actually stops. I know from having lived in Seattle that it may not, at all, ever; but here it seems to.

just not this week. I'd like to go for a walk this morning but radar shows a fairly wide band of scattered light rain out on the ocean headed directly and swiftly towards the middle of my neighborhood and the ones I want to walk through.

I might just put my raingear on and go but I was thinking of going up Twin Peaks for sunrise (there might still be one; here "scattered showers" can also mean "scattered clouds" but at the moment it is too dark to tell if we are getting that kind of rain or the gray-all-day rain that I used to hardly even notice when it lasted for nine months straight) but these storm systems that keep blasting through here have been a little unpredictable and I am not sure that standing on one of the highest hills in town is the wisest thing to do if we are still in the middle of one. I mean, the tornadoes have been very small and even the lightning has been infrequent, and the barometer is much higher this morning than it was two mornings ago, but..

maybe I need to adjust my destination. someplace medium-tall.

it is supposed to rain until Wednesday. I might as well just go get wet, oughtn't I.


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Jan. 24th, 2010 04:01 pm (UTC)
the thought of tornadoes out in your area just astonishes me. there've been a couple blow through this area in the last 30 years, and that's too many.
Jan. 24th, 2010 05:27 pm (UTC)
perfect userpic. "if the tornado can't see me it can't get me!"

it's not like they're touching down all over, but this past week did produce probably about five or so small tornadoes in different areas of the state. CA is big, but that is still rather a lot for week's worth of weather.

I would be alarmist and say they have been increasing over the last 2-3 years, but I haven't been here or even paying attention to CA weather all that long. I was told before I moved down here that the Central Valley gets them occasionally but the Bay Area itself only very rarely.

they happen everywhere, even in Seattle. just not very often. I once saw a photo taken, by someone hiking in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado one fine, partly cloudy spring day, of a small funnel cloud that appeared as they peeked over a ridge they were climbing. the thing was pointing straight at them! and not from very far away: if you're in the Rockies, you are at a high elevation to begin with!

I would have soiled myself.
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