Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

rain rain go away

I'm spoiled.

more than 12 years in San Francisco has allowed me to believe that rain actually stops. I know from having lived in Seattle that it may not, at all, ever; but here it seems to.

just not this week. I'd like to go for a walk this morning but radar shows a fairly wide band of scattered light rain out on the ocean headed directly and swiftly towards the middle of my neighborhood and the ones I want to walk through.

I might just put my raingear on and go but I was thinking of going up Twin Peaks for sunrise (there might still be one; here "scattered showers" can also mean "scattered clouds" but at the moment it is too dark to tell if we are getting that kind of rain or the gray-all-day rain that I used to hardly even notice when it lasted for nine months straight) but these storm systems that keep blasting through here have been a little unpredictable and I am not sure that standing on one of the highest hills in town is the wisest thing to do if we are still in the middle of one. I mean, the tornadoes have been very small and even the lightning has been infrequent, and the barometer is much higher this morning than it was two mornings ago, but..

maybe I need to adjust my destination. someplace medium-tall.

it is supposed to rain until Wednesday. I might as well just go get wet, oughtn't I.
Tags: san francisco, seattle, thunderstorms, tornadoes, walking, weather
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