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ignoring the 800 number

Never pick up 800 number calls. It is never anyone you want to talk to.

I woke up at midnight-thirty with a melody going through my head. I lay there for a few minutes trying to decide if I should get up and write it down or that is figure it out on the guitar and then use this software I have that with some fiddling will produce a musical score if you plink on a virtual fretboard but so I am lying there thinking you know I'll just sleep a little bit.
I'll remember it when I wake up.
No you won't.
Yeah sure I will.
No you won't you never do.
This time I'll mark it in my head and it'll just be another half hour's sleep and I can get up and then I'll write it down.
You'll forget it.
No I won't.
Of course you will.

OK fine.

I got up. I didn't even fix myself any coffee at first but climbed down my ladder and turned on the light and picked up my guitar and started picking out this tune thinking this is a weird fucking key. What the fuck is this. I gather my notes together and play a scale and it seems I wrote this song in Eb major while dreaming a really annoying dream that I could not wake up from until like the fourth try when I finally woke up in my room on my back with my cat staring right at me like he had summoned me out of sleep.

He wanted under the covers I think although he couldn't really make up his mind while I was trying myself to decide what to do.

Anyway I apologize if this is anticlimactic but because this software does not produce mp3 files the song is nothing I can yet share but it's not finished yet anyway but I like it so far and it is already three and a half minutes long which as everyone knows is the precise amount of time you want a pop song to last so even if I think of anything else I already have enough as far as time goes. So far though it's just melody and some piano so there's lots more to put in it. I have to figure out if one can import MIDI files into GarageBand. Otherwise I should finish it in that and transcribe the rest of it back into notation later.

I think it's going to be sort of an Arcade Fire/Wolf Parade/ABBA sorta thing but that's hard to tell right off because I don't really know what their drum patterns are like. I mean, ABBA's just 70s disco with the little tip tip tip kick but I feel like I want a kick that is loose and detuned. Really sloppy. Don't know how well GarageBand will let one be sloppy.

So yeah I'll maybe post it if I finish a sharable version of it anytime soon.

In other news, nothing else in my life has changed.
No. Nothing has. And yet I still wake up breathing in and breathing out. I don't really understand why but I won't question it for now. I think I need food and then I might have to go to bed cause I was not really done sleeping last night.


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Feb. 4th, 2010 07:04 pm (UTC)
while i've had poems demand to be written in the night, music doesn't come to me. wish it did! i'll hope to hear your song sometime. :)

zack was staring at me like that this morning, but it was just because his bowl was empty. *g*
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