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I was going to make a Real Blog Post out of this but realized I do not have it in me right now to add enough commentary to make it more than a signal-booster--and since I have more LJ/DW friends than blog readers, it seemed more sensible just to post it here.

EDGE Boston reports that a transgendered man was attacked in a restroom on the Long Beach campus of Cal State. The story is dated April 28, 2010, and the attack took place on April 15.

There has been almost no reporting of this incident in California itself that I can find with a quick Google. The LA Times ran a couple of extremely brief stories giving the bare details without any sort of followup. They did manage to use the right pronouns, but the second article emphasized only that the victim was "satisfied" with how CSU officials dealt with the incident, but EDGE Boston notes that not everyone in the QTBLG community at CSU Long Beach feels quite so happy about it.

From here, all I can think to say is why did I only hear about this yesterday? I don't keep up with daily news particularly obsessively precisely because most stories are distressing in one way or another so I have to conserve my emotional energy to those things that I choose to take on. I'd have liked to have taken this on a little sooner--not that there is anything in particular I can do, other than make sure people know that this sort of thing can and does happen even in California cities. The student who was attacked has stated that Cal State felt like a second home to him but he no longer feels safe there.

I kinda wonder how satisfied he can be with the school's response if campus is no longer a safe place for him.

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May. 16th, 2010 10:24 am (UTC)
Well, it is interesting that the attack occurred on a University Campus on the west coast. But, as you say, no place is absolutely safe. It will be interesting to see what they find out about this, if they can unravel it.

I feel just as safe in Denver say - as I do here, but Denver is not the deep south. I would agree with you off-hand about the deep south, about it being less safe generally for weird people outside the norm. But, then again, I am not familiar with the area, and this may also be my prejudice at work. On the other hand, any place without a good helping of white hipsters tends to be less safe for queer people, let's face it. So, as annoying as they can be, white hipsters tend to help create queer friendly environments, and ya gotta love'em for that!


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