Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

A lost weekend in a single day

I sat at my computer for 24 hours straight yesterday. Er, 24 hours in a row.

Which is to say I got up in the middle of the night on Thursday night and stayed up until after midnight Fri/Sat.

And then I slept for 13 hours.

I sort of like this, because with a 24-hour day you can squeeze a whole bunch in, but "yesterday" I squoze in a bunch of internetting. I did work on my autobiography, and it is going pretty well although I have a ton of editing ahead of me and some rewriting to boot, but it feels good just to have finally found what I think will be the environment I need in which to edit a bunch of random bits of interjection into something like a book-resembling entity.

It still won't look anything like a normal book but that is ok.

So I got all tangled up in my computer when I decided that the timeline feature in StoryMill is a very good idea but badly implemented for any story that lasts more than a year. Giving it a 48-year-long scope resulted in some near-crashes in which my CPU heated up and my fans spun furiously and I watched the beachball go round and round for about five minutes but I was not going to force quit the fucker because I did not want to lose my changes.

Eventually it unfroze, but I could see that this particular function, which I was not actually looking for in a word processor but decided it would be a very good thing to have, was something I'd have to implement elsewhere if I wanted a timeline.

And so I started up Numbers which gives you no clue as to how to construct something as simple as a calendar so then I searched for calendar templates and I found one that I thought might work well and after about two hours of hacking its formulas I got it so that it could display a decade at a time in a relatively small space. Yes I do still have to scroll but a decade in a single document is pretty impressive I think. It takes about five minutes to save the file and I don't know if that is because Numbers has a bunch of fancy interface glitter--which I am not really using--or if it just rewrites the whole damned file or if spreadsheets are inherently unwieldy.

In any case it took me three more hours to fill in the timeline up to 1981 with the barest of things I know about my life, like what grade I was in when, or about when this one awful thing happened to me. Interestingly, constructing the calendar view was startling because it did not take long to get through almost five decades, but filling the time in was more tedious and made me feel a little less like I've been alive for all of a minute and a half.

I kinda want to print the thing out and spread it on the... bed? There is not enough room on the floor.

By the time I was approaching my 20th birthday, which is when things start to get really interesting--although working on high school events made me see that my late adolescence was not all that late but just hidden from view of almost everyone but my best friend who taught me how to drink beer when I was 16. Even for the Deep South in the 70s, 16 is not all that late for learing how to like beer--I was quite tired of trying to remember what happened when so I closed the project and started reading LJ and DW and there I remained for another umpteen hours.

Now I am relatively fresh out of bed and I need to run some errands but it is sunny and windy and somewhat but not overly cool, which means that when I went to get some Rxs by the time I got back to my house I was sweating profusely and freezing unpleasantly so instead of walking on to Rainbow Grocery I came in to cool off/warm up and then change my clothing strategy and now I am thinking maybe I should just start my laundry but I do not have a very good idea of how busy the laundromat is at almost 5pm and I'll be up all night so there's no rush except that I have other things to do as well.

I think I'll have some more coffee and maybe read for a little while. After it gets dark I can just bundle up and stay mostly comfortable outside because there is no sun to make my body think it is hot. Another reason I like living at night. If I am about to have another 36-hour sleep/wake cycle, though, I will have to get moving again in not too much longer.

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